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September 19, 2010

Auto alignment of Multiple Divs (Assigning Multiple Divs using CSS)

A very frequently asked question is how to align Multiple DIV’s using CSS.


Here’s how to align multiple DIV’s. For simplicity sake, I will be aligning 10 divs in JSP.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"



<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


    <title>Aligning Multiple DIV's using CSS</title>

    <style type="text/css">







        border: 1px solid;










<div class='divOuter'>


for (int i=0;i<10;i++){


    <div class='divInner1'>First DIV<%=i%></div>


} %>




September 6, 2010

I will be the great Contributor

Thanks for inviting me to this blog.for sharing my thoughts and getting the knowledge from others..

I am happy to join in this blog.

May 17, 2010

Freewares/ Free Softwares 13 May 2010


STOPzilla! is anti-spyware Solution. It can detect, block, and quarantine Spyware and Adware in real time.Its features include: On-demand & automatic Spyware scanning; Updates automatically for optimal protection; Pop-up protection - intercepts and destroys all forms of Pop-ups while letting user-requested to Popup; Kills Browser Hijackers, removes rootkits, prevents botnet attacks; Blocks Phishing Attacks, protects from malicious Web sites; Clears Cookies & History.

STOPzilla! for Windows 7, VistaTM 32/64bit, 98, Me, 2000 and XP can be downloaded at http://www.stopzilla.com/download/STOPzilla_Setup.exe

The developers aver that STOPzilla! would protect a PC from the moment it is switched on, and claim that the utility has been downloaded millions of times.


Lunascape is a triple engine browser, for web designers and developers. With it you can choose the right engine to overcome web-browser compatibility issues, long loading times, and messed up websites display. You need only 2 clicks to change your engine! Features include a "split tab display" to view a Web page in three rendering engines side-by-side to easily check the browser compatibility. Customizable - more than 100 features can be customised; Choice of display on toolbars, the look of of your browser can be changed in a snap - about 200 skin designs to choose from and create your own too.

The 8.35 MB Lunascape v6.1.2.21284 (22 Apr 2010) for Win XP/2003/Vista/Windows7 can be downloaded at http://www.lunascape.tv/

It has been downloaded over 15 million times, available globally in 11 languages.

File Finder

Locate32 is a file finder which works by indexing all your files on your hard disk drive and provides almost instant access to them. It can be used to find files from your hard drives and other locations. Locate32 uses databases to store information about directory structures and uses these databases in its searches. The use of these databases provides very fast searching speed. The software includes a dialog based application as well as console programs which can be used to both update and access databases. Supported operation systems are Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista.

You can download Locate32 for your OS at http://locate32.net/content/view/18/31/

The developer invites enthusiastic persons who are willing to help with this project. You can get in touch with him at http://locate32.net/component/option,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,2/Itemid,29/


Please suggest a utility to list and back up the drivers in my PC.

You could try Double Driver v4.0 which can be downloaded at
http://www.boozet.org/dd.htm  It lets you view all the installed
drivers, back up, restore, save, and print the select ones.



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April 15, 2010

Freeware / Free Software 08 Apr 2010


FlipAlbum Standard with a with a natural and intuitive interface is a digital photo album utility to organize your digital images, better. Easy to use, yet highly customizable, FlipAlbum can automatically create realistic, book-like albums. The features include - Auto Flip function; Auto Slide Show - present the contents of your book as a slide show with auto-play. The slide show options include variable time interval between slides, transition effects, number of rows and columns of photos, etc; Realistic 3D Page-Flipping provides a pleasant viewing experience, Multi-page rapid flipping for album browsing; Preview; Supported Multimedia Formats include: Image: BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, WMF, ICO, PNG, PCD, PSD and TIF; Video: AVI, MPEG1, WMV; and Audio: MIDI, WAV, MP3 and WMA.

FlipAlbum Standard v7.0.4 for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista can be downloaded at http://www.flipalbum.com/fahome/product/fastd/download/

Please note the standard version (freeware) of FlipAlbum may not include all the features.

Essential PIM

Essential PIM, a Personal Information Manager, lets you keep all your information in the electronic format. The fully Netbook compatible Essential PIM can store your appointments, tasks, to do lists, notes, contacts and email messages in a graphical and easily accessible form. The freeware edition of Essential PIM offers quite a lot of features to make it an interesting and effective choice for many. Among them are an easy to use scheduler, contact and to-do lists, "EPIM Today" option, overview in a single window of a user customizable schedule timeline - all readily accessible from the navigation pane; Versatile import/export capabilities; Scheduler: Color-coded, easy to read day/week/month schedules; To Do List: Categories, priority, completion status, due date, and reminder fields; Tree-like multilevel structure, unlimited number of folders and notes; Contact Manager
Wide selection of fields - adding a new data field to a contact is easy and quick; Fast search and sorting;

EssentialPIM v3.23 can be downloaded at http://www.essentialpim.com/download/essentialpimpro2.exe

A portable edition can be downloaded at http://www.essentialpim.com/download/essentialpimproport2.exe


XMind is a brainstorming and mind mapping software to share your ideas with others. It's easy-to-use, just double-click to create and edit topics anywhere on the map. The Drag-and-drop feature helps to reorganize topics, move markers, take a mapshot, and add attachments. You can even search on topic with Google and drag images into your map without leaving the working window. Its intuitive design and powerful features lets you focus on your work and share it easily with others by exporting it through popular formats such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint. The other features include Fishbone Diagram, Spreadsheet, Markers, Inline Notes, Hyperlink / Attachments, Topic As A Map (Drill Down), Spell Checker, Legend and Filtering, and Export to Html/ PNG / GIF/JPEG/BMP.

XMind v3.1.1 can be downloaded at http://www.xmind.net/downloads/ by choosing the appropriate link
for your specific operating system.


Please suggest a freeware to convert the video files to 3gp.

You could try Format Factory which can be downloaded at http://www.formatoz.com/



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March 18, 2010

parseInt('08') and parseInt('09') does not work in javascript

Few of you might know this logic before.  We would like to just let everyone know the lessons learnt from our team.


When we were looking into an issue reported by customers on a date being passed wrongly even though when we key in a correct date, we figured out that parseInt(‘08’) and parseInt(‘09’) will give you a wrong value in javascript.


This is because when you say parseInt (string), it considers by default octal as numbers.  Octal numbers ends with 07.

08 and 09 are considered to be invalid numbers in octal.




Its always safe to give the base value with the method.


parseInt (‘08’,10) will consider the base as decimal.


Refer to below link for the actual syntax:




Please share this info with others as well.

March 1, 2010

How to check what are the HTTP and HTTPS port in WPS from logs and Admin console


There would be some case, where we dont have access to the admin console, but have only access to the logs. In this case how can we find the HTTP and HTTPS port for default and admin.

To find the ports using Admin Console:

start the server, go to Servers->Application servers > server1 > Ports, scroll down to see the screenshot below

WC admin host: HTTP port for admin console

WC admin host secure: HTTPS port for admin console

WC defaulthost: HTTP port for default host

WC defaulthost secure: HTTPS port for default host

To find the ports using the System out logs:

Search for the below sentence in the logs

“Web Module WebSphere Admin File Transfer Application has been bound to admin_host” - [*:HTTP,*:HTTPS]. This is for the admin HTTP and HTTPS ports

“Web Module Default Web Application has been bound to default_host” – [*:HTTP,*:80,*:HTTPS]. This is for the default HTTP and HTTPS ports


Invoking PeS through plain Java

Hi All,

Today I would like to explain the POC that I was trying last week. Generally for connecting to PeS we have three ways as below

  1. File Layout
  2. Web Services Application Messaging
  3. Component Interface

File Layout:

This is used to connect to PeS when we need file based polling integration. Generally the type of file used would be xml or csv’s. This method is still very popularly used in many applications.

Web Services Application Messaging:

This is a plain Web Service communication. Messaging architecture for both synchronous and guaranteed delivery asynchronous integration into and out of the Integration Broker

Component Interface:

This is Object-oriented, request/reply, component architecture that encapsulates PeopleSoft data and communicates.

I am interested in using Component Interface for PeS connectivity. Generally in market lots of adapters are available for doing this. The leaders are Oracle and IBM, they provide adapters for connecting to PeS. So, the developer doesnt have to code or worry about the PeS connectivity, they just need to send the data and get back the data they need. This makes life simple for developers

I have used IBM adapter in Websphere process server for PeopleSoft. The advantage i could see using is just easy development. But is it worth paying huge money for just getting this advantage. Why cant we develop our own component in process server which does this functionality.

The other advantage that adapter give is that we can discover the CI available in the PeS and just use the operation we want. All these things can be done using a good UI wizard. When we go for our own java implementations, we have to open each CI and create a java template for each.

We will go step by step tutorial for doing this.

PSJOA.jar -> This is the interface jar file which would help Java to interact with PeopleSoft through a component interface. It will be available in %PS_HOME%\class directory.

Create a record with a single field and put this on a page. Create a component and move it to a component interface. The component interface should have the following methods :- Cancel, Create, Find, Get and Save.

Now, open the component interface. Click on Build -> PeopleSoft APIs. This process would validate all the component interface and you will get some errors in this process. You can just skip the errors and continue the process. Select the “java” class option and specify the target location where the java files needs to be placed. For any component interface, PeopleSoft create four files like for CI name JobData, it would create





So, after compiling this, pack all the class files into a jar file, say PSFTCI.jar. So, now we have two jar’s PSJOA.jar and PSFTCI.jar

The next step is to create a java template. Open the component Interface, right click and click on generate a Java template. So, this would be saving your java template for that CI in some temp folder. Generally the Java template name would be the CI name itself, say JobDataCI.java

Now if we open the java template, we can see a code like

“oSession.connect(1, strAppServerPath, strOperatorID, strPassword, null)”

Here we can give the server name, username and password for the PeS we are trying to connect. This would take the default port. If we need to modify this port number to some specific value and have all these data coming from properties fil, we need to follow the below steps.

  1. change the above code to “oSession.connect(1, strAppServerPath, strOperatorID, strPassword, null)”
  2. create a property file pstools.properties in the java project with the following key names


That’s it, we are done. Just need to use the setter and getter methods in the java template to select or update the date in PeS.

This finishes the tutorial for connecting to PeS through java.