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March 1, 2010

How to check what are the HTTP and HTTPS port in WPS from logs and Admin console


There would be some case, where we dont have access to the admin console, but have only access to the logs. In this case how can we find the HTTP and HTTPS port for default and admin.

To find the ports using Admin Console:

start the server, go to Servers->Application servers > server1 > Ports, scroll down to see the screenshot below

WC admin host: HTTP port for admin console

WC admin host secure: HTTPS port for admin console

WC defaulthost: HTTP port for default host

WC defaulthost secure: HTTPS port for default host

To find the ports using the System out logs:

Search for the below sentence in the logs

“Web Module WebSphere Admin File Transfer Application has been bound to admin_host” - [*:HTTP,*:HTTPS]. This is for the admin HTTP and HTTPS ports

“Web Module Default Web Application has been bound to default_host” – [*:HTTP,*:80,*:HTTPS]. This is for the default HTTP and HTTPS ports


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