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September 18, 2009

Easy start steps for developing a Blackberry application.

1. Download the development tool and install it

 You can download the JDE which is provided by RIM to develop Blackberry applications. The other option is the eclipse plug in which can also be used to develop Blackberry applications.

2. Open the JDE and create a new workspace. 

3. Create a new project in this workspace.

4. Now you can add classes to this project and build the application by clicking the Build menu item in the menu bar.

5. Once the project is build the JDE creates some files in the build folder.

6. If the build is successful then you can run the application in the simulator by pressing the F5 key of your keyboard or by clicking the Build All and Run in the Build menu item in the menu bar.

7. By default a simulator is already selected by the JDE and opens the simulator.

8. On the simulator you can find many icons of different applications which are already available.

9. Search for your particular project name (usually a black icon) with the project name you have given will be available.

10. Clicking on this icon will run the application.

Configuring MDS for accessing network through the simulator

In order to access intranet or internet from the simulator of the Blackberry we need to run the Mobile Data Service (MDS). The MDS comes along with the JDE or we can download it separately. If you are inside a intranet then you need to set the proxy correctly in the MDS. To set the proxy settings follow the below steps:

1. Go to MDS folder

2. Next go to Config folder

3. You willfind a file called rimpublic.property

4. In # [HTTP HANDLER] change the proxies enabled to True and change the proxy host and the proxy port.


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