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September 22, 2009

Introduction about SLD, Integration Builder and SC

Session 2: Intro about SLD, Integration Builder and SC

As we know we will have different type of environments in corporate like development, QA and production. So we will have SAP in bunch of servers for each environment which is known as SLD (system landscape directory). The different client codes in each environment represent sub systems in it. For ex: one Dev system may be there which has 100 client code for UAT, 210 for exec etc., We will have different R/3 servers and XI servers. An R/3 Server will have an ABAP engine with small portion of J2EE engine to communicate with XI servers and vice - versa.

We can use SAPGUI for logging in to any of the systems (R/3 or XI). Each and every thing in SAP will have some unique code which can be used directly for opening it. So for accessing Integration Builder we need to type "sxmb_ifr" code in transaction field.

Integration Builder is of two views. They are Design (Integration Repositary) and Configuration (Integration DIrectory). Integration Builder is developed in Java Web Start and it runs in J2EE engine. For creating any objects we use Design: Integration Builder (IR) and these are some thing like Raw objects but it will be configured and structured in Configuration: Integration Builder (ID).

For Ex:

When a Function imported from R/3 in to XI as a web service it will automatically create JNI, EJB, Servlet and Web service for it. After that it will be in IR. We will configure it in ID as scenarios like VB to SAP etc in structured manner.

Software Component is a logical unit of any release. For example you want to release this place order function as software then just build it and release as a software component which can be distributed across. SAP GUI is a software component.


1. SLD is a System landscape directory where SAP resides

2. Integration Repository is Design: Integration Builder and Integration Directory is Configuration: Integration Builder which is for creating objects and configuring it for usage.

3. Software Component is a logical unit of any release.

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